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  • Zurich, CH: KonfliktFest 2016:  October 8-9, 2016 Overview​ / Registration
  • Open Forum, St. Gall, CH: Refugees - Chances and Limits for Our Society. With Sonja Lüthi (GLP) and Mario Schmitt (People's Party). Facilitation Elke Schlehuber& Reini Hauser. June 9, 2016, 7-9.30pm. Everyone's welcome, free of charge  pdf pdf (arab)
  • Open Forum, Zurich, CH: Refugees - Chances and Limits for Our Society. With Balthasar Glättli (Green) and Claudio Zanetti (People's Party). Volkshaus,  June 28, 2016 7-9.30pm pdf  pdf (arab)
  • Annual Summer Intensive Week IPA Zurich. Toolbox for working with clients, with IPA faculty and guest teachers. August 19-28 2016 (also individual days) Institut für Prozessarbeit
  • Keynote Presenter at EAP Conference 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2016: Autonomy and Sense of Belonging. http://www.eapzagreb2016.eu
  • Zurich, CH: Foundation Training in Processwork at IPA, start end of September, 2016 www.institut-prozessarbeit.ch
  • Processwork Italy: November 11-13, 2016, w. Gill Emslie Ph.D., Torino, IT. Open to public. artedelprocesso.com
  • Moscow+ St. Petersburg, Russia: Foundation Training in Processwork www.processwork-center.ru / www.openprocess.ru / www.processpsy.ru 

Film-Clip Worldwork-Konferenz Zürich Mai 2015 Video
Check our movie 'The Heart of Myanmar' on YouTube                                                                                    

KonfliktFest Continued Education  2016
for October 8-9, 2016 Overview 

Processwork Italy November 11-13, 2016, Torino, with Gill Emslie, Ph.D. and Reini Hauser, Ph.D.  The Italian Processwork programme is going into its second year 2016-2017, third year 2018 planned!  The modules take place in different cities in Italy. Faculty:  Gill Emslie, Ana Rhodes, Peter Ammann, Bogna Sziemkievicz, Reini Hauser. Organization: Genny, Bigi, Samuel, Angelica u.a. For teachers, dates and topics see artedelprocesso.com

Processwork Foundation Training and Diploma Programme in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Russia (Engl/Russian) in affiliation with IPA. Each seminar is followed by 1-2 advanced training + supervision days.
www.processwork-center.ru / www.olvia-center.ru and http://openprocess.ru, St. Petersburg www.processpsy.ru

Moscow / Москва 2016
2-5 June 2016: Body symptoms II. Elke Schlehuber und Bea Schönfeldt
1-4 September 2016: Movement. Kate Jobe
24-27 November 2016: Process Laboratory. Marianne Sinner, Stephan Müller

St. Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург 2016
18-21 February 2016: Movement and Process. Kate Jobe
19-22 May 2016: Relationship+group conflict transformation. Reini Hauser (tentative) 

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Processoriented methods provide exellent tools to improve self-perception, performance and initiate change where needed in everyday life and in the workplace. 

The focus is on your professional role and rank awareness in a given context. Improved perception of self and of your impact on others will make relationship and team life more fluid. Experience creative flow in situations which otherwise feel troublesome and stuck. Conscious relating to self and others make surprising solutions and potentials comprehensible, realizable, marketable.

Coaching can be of great value to executives, decision-makers and managers who are interested in change and challenged to widen perspectives and freedom of action.

"One can often do much more than what one dares to" 

Aenne Burda


Processoriented psychotherapy is phenomenlogical: the study of our perception and our experiencing of the living sentient process. 

Beyond Albert Maslow's self-actualization, Processwork holds the importance of community. It values human experience in a mindful and feedback-oriented manner. Processwork is facilitation: among positions and feelings within an individual, among parties in a relationship and, between roles in a given system.  It posits an interactive paradigm for working with people in all states of consciousness.

Disagreement and conflict can be painful yet also trigger change processes. In symptoms, dreams, relational difficulties, altered states, in team and group tension  often lie the keys for future solutions. When we find access to the information and energies within, the result is heightened well-being, health and refreshed community experiences.

Central to an inspired life is re-connecting to one's vision and one's life myth.


Supervision is a professional frame for reflection for leaders, decision-makers, managers and their teams. 

My services include culture development and change processes on various levels in business, organizations and health administration; individual supervision for leaders, mediators and coaches; live-supervision to work on relational dynamics, team or group processes. The collaboration includes clarification of the mandate, analysis and interviewing parties involved as well as reflection with the contractor and, when indicated, the facilitation of team and group processes.


Conflict knows best! KonfliktFest is a label of Reini Hauser for the application of Workdwork methods to conflict and the facilitation of team and group processes. 

KonfliktFest stands for friendship with conflict, the ability to enter conflict with optimism, a firmness to hold one's position and, for seeing the issue through the eyes of the other.  KonfliktFest reflects and acts in a future-oriented manner.  In differences of opinion just like in symptoms, conflicts between various directions emerge. Together, these directions represent the totality of the system. In their friction and superposition we find potentials and creative new developments.

“The keys to the future lie in today's problems” 

Continued education and further training of KonfliktFest see >>>>>


Arnold Mindell and collaborators developed Worldwork for working with small and large groups, an approach which builds on inner work or self-perception, relationship dynamics, altered states of consciousness and, working with rank and privileges.

Each field is structured around various attractors or directions. Worldwork represents these as 'roles' and engages them in interaction. Roles which exert an influence without actually being present, are included in the process as 'ghost roles'. Solutions are moments of 'deep democracy': all voices, feelings and positions in the field - central ones as well as marginalized ones - are heard and valued in their essence. The goal of group process is increased awareness - often resulting in reduced tension and mutual understanding. 

Interview with A.Mindell 02.05.2014

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